Friday, February 25, 2011

Back in the sadle

It's a Wednesday morning.  I'm up!   In fact I was up at the crack of dawn and am already out in the world. At this moment I am sitting on a couch in the center of our local mall while my daughter thoroughly peruses the girly trinket store, dreaming of higher fashion.   She's nine and change going on twenty two.  My amusement right now is the looks on the elderly's faces as they go for their morning stroll.   In the cold months this place is like a walking track and social gathering for the over 60 crowd.  Makes me wonder if someday I'll be wandering a shopping complex myself and observing a guy tapping away on his phone and looking like he spent last night getting throttled by a rubber alien Rock Band's intergalactic blood cannon.  And boy do I. Although I scrubbed myself raw after last nights Gwar concert, I am most definitely looking a little like an under cooked  lobster-man.   Step right up people!  Or hobble.   Whatever gets your joints a creekin.
    So much has happened since the last time I added to this project.  I got married twice ( both times to the same girl even!) and have been tattooing my face off!   Not to mention surviving the Christmas and eating seasons.  Getting back into the swing of things with new projects, plans for the treadmill and some up and coming art shows, and hopefully A nearing spring. The Kung Fu is good, family healthy, and, and, back to our show!! Here are a few pics to get you back in the spirit. Hope you are all well. More soon
Love Jim
BELOW: Lizzy's back, in progress

Tribal sleeve that has been slowly building for a couple years. Just finished it up the other day!

                                                             Getting Married...It was very very sweet.
                                         Nick's Pheonix ! Better pics Soon!

                              And last but not least...Tiff's Back piece, also in progress. Low back is a cover up...Giant octopus and poppys!! Thanks everyone. I will see you all again real soon..Right here!