Monday, November 29, 2010

Regarding Gravy and Kitty's Magical Wedding Tattoo!

Hello again good-lookin Readers!
  Today is a bitter cold reminder of why it is that only the most INSANE people with the constitution of deranged polar bears decide to live in Vermont. It is damn cold and it finally snowed yesterday, and for the first time this year, I came home to find the evidence all over my driveway!  I strongly disapprove Mother Nature!  There, complaint registered!  I know it should be no shock to me after all these years, but I still act like it's this new and horrible development every time that first snowflake comes floating down out of the sky. Like wow...I can't believe it happened AGAIN this year!  Call it a winter coping mechanism.  Thanksgiving proved to be most relaxing and everything I hoped it would be. Wednesday I made the trek down to Upstate NY to visit with family and celebrate my Niece's 12th Birthday.  Now I don't know if you have ever attended a 12yr old Wii dance party, but let me tell you, it is something to behold.  Much of it resembled dancing ,but it was much  more like watching some poor unfortunate souls  have epileptic fits and there you are with no way to help them!  At least no one was seriously hurt. I would urge all parents with a depressive disorder to rush right out and buy one of these things for their kids for the holidays, as it can only alleviate some of your Winter blues. Thursday was spent with Quill or Brush in hand, some bad movies, and just trying to relax, paint, and baste! mmmmm. Good day!
   As far as a Gravy overdose however, I am afraid that I have nothing to report. In fact it is safe to say, that I have noticed no ill-effects from over consumption. Long story short, I don't have a problem and I can quit anytime, so there! Get off my back already! In fact after I write this little number it is upstairs for a warm glass of gravy to calm my nerves and ease the shaking hands....
   My Sunday mornings have recently been reserved for tattooing either my friend Jay or his lovely wife Kitty.  When you grow up and pair off with a mate, often times you end up with “couple friends”. So many people think that when you grow up and have some kids, you’re supposed to put an immediate cease and desist on your exciting brand of humanity.  Lucky for us our friends don't usually come complete with Mini-van and board-game filled evenings capable of lulling you into a early death by pointless conversation.  Instead we enjoy horror-themed dinner parties, monster conventions and making art. You know…ultra dorky-cool , cultured Nerd stuff.  These two have strong senses of self.  No doubt, when their children come along, they’ll most likely be falling asleep with their Cthulhu plushies and learning early catch phrases like...”Kill the Zombies Mama!”  Kitty & Jay were married a year ago last Halloween; and a beautiful spooky ceremony was had.  It took place at an eery Inn in the middle of nowhere…there was fire, dancing girls with knives, steak & tequila…all the right stuff included.  My focus today is on Kitty as this was her Sunday to sit in the chair.  We have a sleeve on her right arm depicting her and Jay in a sorta New Orleans voodoo/Day of the Dead Bride and Groom motif surrounded by the flowers from her bridal bouquet!  We're only a couple sessions away from finishing it up and realizing her vision and I’m excited for her!!  Big tattoos take a long time and this makes it hard to update one’s portfolio as often as would be preferred. When you are doing a bunch of large work for people you’re at the mercy of when they can fit getting work done into their busy schedules.  Sometimes I’ll post work that is in progress because, well, you might like to watch it develop, and also I might not always have something new and huge finished every day. So that's all for today Kids.  Hope you all are safe and warm and enjoying the rest of that gravy….oooooh gravy.  See ya soon,

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  1. I LOVE IT! Jim you are the greatest and your work is AMAZING! Now let's all go kill those Zombies together:)