Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sin and the Tiny Bad Ass

Hey everyone! Saturday was a fun day at the office.  I was knee-deep in a short-sleeve lotus, water, Asian motif. Much fun.  Joined by "Doc Block" and "The Tiny Bad Ass"; a Mother-Daughter duo.  An enjoyable aspect of the job is the luxury of constant observation of human relationships. These two were very sweet and quite obviously a tight pair. It's nice to see a child-parent relationship progress beyond the kid years to what seems to me to be more of a friendship. They were a bunch of fun and I really had a good time with the work.  I'm thankful that many of my days seldom feel like actual work. Say howdy to the people Tiny Bad Ass!!!!  Make no mistake, she's little but ferocious like a Lion.  She wasn't even phased by four straight hours of throttling.  Well done, and thank you!!

The evening was quite different all together.  I found myself at the Higher Ground club in South Burlington.  Niki Frankenstein was involved in the yearly romp of the children of the post-apocalyptic neo-tribalite arthouse fetish fashion show dance-party known as the "Spectacle of Sin". The building was flooded with whirling Goth sex nerds, which quite contrasted the low-key normal folks that were there to see the Pink Floyd cover band in the next room. Good times. Even though I feel like some of the dirty droning Industrial/House gloom & doom rock was reaching frequencies that could very well be responsible for killing off the honey bee population, it was still a fantastic ordeal!!  I'd like to point you in the direction of the Wings of Sin Etsy site. I put a link in the Links list on the side here.    Miss Melaney Pettinni makes some hot clothes-Go and buy some!  Then go home, get dressed up and pretend your man is Mad Max and your bedroom is the Thunderdome!!   Mix it up people!!!  Well played last night girls. I was impressed by all of your hard work and not to mention you made a pretty pack of She-Wolves.  Also don't miss Amadis! Theses guys are a gnarly metal band with some great fashion brains and a sound that's as crunchy as your Saturday morning cereal before it's ruined with milk.  By the end of the night I was happy to crawl into bed and pass out while watching the Stallone movie Cobra!  I miss the pre-described sarcastic rhetoric of the 80's action film...quotes like "I'll do it man, I'll blow up this grocery store" followed by Marion Cobretti's reply, "Go ahead, I don't shop here."  Solid Gold people.  Good day! Good day! More later my friends, and thank you for paying attention to my rants. It's still super fun writing to you all.

Have a fine day


  1. It's great that you have time to pursue all of these fun and creative ventures. I wrestle with time constraints on a pretty constant level, and always have to let a few fun things slide off my plate. Tis the struggle that is the Magister's life.

    On a side note, I forgot if I'd mentioned how much I enjoy the piece you did on me some time back. Your blacks are amazingly solid -- something I've had to get touched up from other people's work on me. If another ink idea comes my way, you are definitely the go-to guy.

    Enjoying the blog, too. Keep it up!


  2. My knob is a little sore but I couldn't be more pleased! Excellent work Jim. You will be seeing me again for sure,

    --Tiny Badass