Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On Heather, and the importance of Magic!

I could spend forever on the subject of being a father. My daughter Evette is nine; a creative wide-eyed little girl with a huge heart and smarts that rival Cleopatra herself, which can sometimes get her into trouble. I read to her every night. Tonight we're nearing the end of "The Graveyard book" by Neil Gaimen; a fantastic read filled with mystery & magic. I've long believed it a most important job of a parent, aside from the lessons of being a good person and student of the world, to instill children with a sense of magic. The magic of Christmas or the shadowy things that lie just out of our reach. The root of such things is also the root of hope, some glimmer of light and a little piece of the mystery of the cosmos that in our darkest times helps us through. To believe and to keep some part of childhood within us when the coldness of the world rains down. I'm also a Step-Dad to Nikita's 2 boys Drexel & Siris. Drex will no doubt grow up to find the cure for Cancer or send new Robots to the moon, and Si is a young leader of men for sure...possibly a street gang. These three are tight and all carry that great mystery which echos daily in their joys and triumphs great or small. I'm truly blessed. I couldn't count how many days may seem rough and wearing on the soul that one of these kids doesn't light me back up and remind me that the world is indeed full of mystery and good.  It's alive and afoot as one old friend of mine used to say. (rest his soul)  Where would we who create for a living be without it? Artists are the dreamers and myth-makers.  Where would we be without our dreamers? Our Homers, our Burtons, our Brothers Grimm? And on that note I say to you friends keep your magic close to you and don't lose it.
   It's funny actually that I started this about the Graveyard book we're reading. My first client tomorrow is long-time friend, Heather Carstairs.  Heather runs a local bookstore down-town and is the person who suggested the book to us. We've been working on a full back-piece on Heather for some time now; a Japanese Koi fish transcending into a Dragon. It's an old Japanese myth that this is where Dragons come from. A Koi lives a thousand years and once it finally crests this magical waterfall at what is called the Dragon gates, it turns into this magical creature. So there you have it again friends...Magic!

I've had the last couple days off hiding in the subterranean art den as much as possible. Tomorrow it's back to the old flesh factory; perforating the people as I like to say.  I'm so thankful after all these years that an impending work week is still something I look forward to with excitement & enthusiasm. I'll keep you posted on what this week brings. I started this web-site project a week ago today and marvel every day at how many people have taken the time to read what I'm up to and share positive feed back. Now to settle in with a brush, some ink and my dear Morticia for this final evening of my weekend.  So once more  let me just say....  Magic, magic, magic!!!!

And below, still in progress, Heather!!!

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  1. You never cease to amaze me with your talent and your wisdom. It is beautiful my friend. you never dissappoint!!!!Big hugs to you and your family!

    Sarah Christie