Monday, November 15, 2010

The Torture of Max and a Subterranean Paint day !

OK…so it's a bit grey & gloomy in the VT today, but that’s just fine with this Space Cowpoke. I'm no fan of the colder months but I've always tried to use this time to my advantage. The impending Hoth-climate frigid season throws me into creative production overdrive!  If you’re not out snow-boarding or braving the cold it’s good to at least stay active indoors lest Ye fall prey to cabin fever somewhere round March. In fact every Spring time we gauge our love by the fact that we haven't gone all Jack Nicholson and chopped each other up into tiny bits with an axe yet.  I have an Engineer's drawing table at the foot of my bed, a drafting table down the hall in the office, and yet another out in the Voodoo Room Studio.  This morning I've managed to creep out of my Imperial Chinese restaurant/Conan sleeping chamber (I guess you’d call it your bedroom)...scraped the sleep-moss from my eyeballs and I'm writing to you while brewing a little Irish Breakfast tea and getting ready to settle in to start a new paint series!  Throughout the warmer months I practically live in the Voodoo Room; a 2-story garage converted over the last 2yrs into an art studio that I share with Miss Frankenstein-also an Artist. We insulated it, installed a heater, and brought out art tables, easels and of course...a Tiki bar & TV cuz good art can become great when fed a steady diet of horror, music and fancy cocktails. Like Muggles overlooking the Leaky Couldron what would appear to the normal passerby as an ordinary garage conceals a big-Kid Art playground/Halloween dance-party.  HIS side wall-to-wall black/HERs wall-wall pink w/a huge Day of the Dead mural by Mr.Jason Tooth & Pete Chille. The entire space filled from top to bottom with Halloween decor complete with His/Her nerdy toy collections. As the heat is limited we're only able to work out there from early spring to around now.  My oils on canvas are usually relegated to that time of year. Once the gloomy frost comes a slithering across the land we run for the hills (hibernate in our Bedroom) and paint away on tables with watercolors/inks and such. Most of my Tattoo flash is completed at this time. Thus cold season work promotes the day job and warm season's work is for art shows and commissions. Today is a Subterranean Art day with first on the agenda-New business card design. I'll post pictures later as the first painting or two gets finished.

On another note, yesterday was a fine Sunday at Yankee Tattoo. I had the pleasure of torturing the Hell out of this poor Bastard named Max. His first Tattoo and over his guts no less!! This is a relatively insane thing to do! The stomach is at the top of the list of bad places to get your third tattoo let alone your first. Ole Max went for it and sat unaffected as if I was drawing with a ball point pen…in fact I honestly thought Boyo was napping at one point. Max travelled all the way from NH to visit a friend so he had to get the entire piece done in one shot. We did a huge Sycamore tree with the words "Work in progress" underneath. The story goes that his Great-Grandma and her Sis came over from northern Italy during the Great Depression and worked in a pasta factory in CT. They worked hard to bring the rest of their family to the US on their wages. She's 96 now and still very self-sufficient. Anyway her husband planted a Sycamore on the family land ages ago and it's a symbol to Max relating to life and how we're all works in progress. I can respect it! His fortitude was impressive yesterday and I applaud him for it. Thanks Max, hope you enjoy the piece and the bonus of having a good story to tell, especially the part where I colored in your belly button…oooohhh! 
  OK folks, off to paint pictures and watch some classic Flash Gordon! You know...the 80s version complete with Queen Soundtrack!!! Yes! So as Vultan would loudly declare..."Fly off my Hawkmen and have a fine gloomy day!"  And underneath this passage, for your consideration:  A few paintings of mine along with of course Max and his huge Tree!
These three pieces were included in the Halloween show at the Red Square I did with Justin Atherton!

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