Monday, November 22, 2010

space Pilgrims, Old paintings, and Shaun!

MONDAY! The word brings so much dread to the mass populace. An impending five days of doom all wrapped up in one word. Shudder to think!  Man, that is some heavy business! Fortunately for me, Monday is actually my Friday!  Life is rushing along as usual and there is much to do but things are a bit on the quiet side around the shop as we near the Holiday season. With Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday, People are traveling and the Students have run out of town, no doubt back to Mom and Dad's with six months worth of laundry and craving that home cooked feast smothered in the gravy of dysfunction. Maybe that is what today's entry should be all about. (not the dysfunction)..THINGS I’M THANKFUL FOR ON THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Great Spiritual Turkey Beast in the sky,
It's me Jim.  I choose to address you this way as I’m much more fond of a giant ethereal Turkey Beast looking down on my Holiday of best intentions and inner reflections than…Oh say…a great White European Puritan who murdered the indigenous population for taking up too much of his new space and being Heretics!! All the while under the guise of escaping his own country to be free to worship who he wanted. Yes, I think I will take the spirit of the animal I am happy to eat on my Holiday. Anyway....Oh Great Turkey Beast in the sky, I’m thankful for so many things and I shall name a few.....I’m thankful for being alive, in fact, I’m thankful that despite my efforts over the years I’m still healthy-ish.  I’m thankful for my Children and my sweet Mama Frankenstein and all of my Family whom I love very much. OK…doing good so far.  I’m also mostly thankful for that anxiety-ridden rodent Dog who lives in my home and is cute sometimes, but a lot of times just irritates us and makes us think of good reasons to eat him.  Better hope they’re not out of Turkey when we get to the store, Dog!  I’m also thankful for Darth Vader, Ray guns, chest hair, fuzzy bunnies,  Art supplies, Steak, the making of the movie Beastmaster and good Friends of which I am blessed to have a few of.  I'm thankful for the fact that the sun comes up every day and hasn't gone supernova yet and burned us all to a bacony crisp!  For the safe return of our Men and Women who went away to war almost a year ago and will be arriving soon with fists full of Army cash to get tattooed up for the Christmas season!  And for simple things like Hot dogs with extra mustard, heat when it's cold and a roof over our heads, and the fact that I don't live in a Maximum security prison!  I bet Thanksgiving is not tasty in prison. What I'm trying to say is there’s a lot to be thankful for Folks. Even though the economy might be beating a hole in your door and you may have bill collectors on your speed dial, there are some very real things to be thankful for.  I love gravy, Turkey, stuffing, and I might even love YOU too!  Bottom line....Thanksgiving is coming and aside from whether or not some pilgrims sat down with some natives to share corn-on-the-cob before imminent cultural decimation, we all have something to be thankful for.  Find it!!  And may your Thursday be warm and include a long nap and a couple of laughs. Happy Thanksgiving my friends! 
On that note, I included some old work today.  The Tribal work is on my man Shaun; a fine man, good Father and always a pleasure to work on. Thanks for everything Shaun, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family buddy!  The other pieces are some paintings I’ve done in the last couple of years. And of course a picture of me with Captain Kirk! Cause.......I might some Star Trek on Thanksgiving, Ah ha!  Jim DuVal and Jim Kirk saving the Galaxy from the evils of the giant rabid Pilgrim Deities! Yes!!! 
Have a great Holiday friends, and stay tuned for my next post on new paintings and the lasting effects of gravy over-dose!
Bye now
Love Jim

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  1. This is a great post, Jim. You have a bit of talent for writing and keeping the reader interested!
    I like it!